Delivering Disaster to the Museum of Science and History

Earth’s Natural Disasters that is! McCollister’s is proudly working with the Field Museum in Chicago and their exhibit, Nature Unleashed: Inside Natural Disasters. We are moving some of Mother Nature’s worst misfortunes. The exhibit presents earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, volcanic eruptions and tsunami’s through highly interactive experiences. Transporting an array of artifacts from Earth’s most dreaded disasters is no […]

McCollister’s In Concert with O.A.R. and Alt-J

Now that’s what I call entertainment! McCollister’s Transportation, while not professionally musically trained, has been working harmoniously with O.A.R. and alt-j in providing transportation for both of these successful touring bands. O.A.R. is an American jam band that continues to light up college campuses with their hit “That Was a Crazy Game of Poker.” We’ve […]